For as long as I can remember, I have always had a strong desire to know and understand how my African-American roots have aided in my creation as well as the creation of those around me. I wanted to learn about things such as why do we physically look different, how were our ceremonial and religious beliefs shaped, why do we enjoy eating certain things, the foundations of our music and dance, as well as what historical things may have occurred that would encourage our fore fathers and mothers to not only change themselves but lead the change in society as a whole.

While researching the answers to my questions I came across two unbelievable truths. I found that the youth of today either don’t care or have never been taught to understand the importance of their roots. The school systems seem to be bombarded with standardized testing and simply doesn’t put forth the effort to have African-American studies courses. I also discovered that with the state of this economy and parents having to work multiple jobs to provide the basic necessities, most parents are not able to spend the necessary time with their children in order to instill the pride of their African-American ancestry. So I decided to create this blog so that there would be one central location in which I could share, discuss, and have an open forum to share with the world all of the wonderful things that my culture has done to enhance society.


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  1. Thank you for your voice of reason in this matter. I only pray that our youth will read it and reflect on the seriousness of it all and then make a positive change!

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